Rules for Vampire Team
1. Does not draft.
2. Builds team from WAIVERS
3. Protected Free Waiver Window: Monday 12am – Tues 12am EST (I will process waivers for the V Team only in this window / no FAB used)
4. When the V Team wins, they can take any player who started that week from their opponent. (i will process a trade Tuesday)
5. Can only capture STARTING player from other teams, players on opponents bench are safe.
6. Can capture ANY postion player, no position limit
7. Does not lose player in loss

1. Post game FAB WAIVERS will process for regular teams on Tuesday/Wed – after that, its FCFS until kickoffs. Dropped players are on a 1-day waiver and are up for FAB auction
2. Trades are allowed, but if i see teams trading back and forth to protect players from the Vampire, executive action will be taken.
3. When you play agains the Vampire, your starters are at risk. If you lose, the V Team can take any one of them in a forced trade.
4. Players on your bench are safe from capture when you play the Vampire.
5. You MUST field a full team each week. For example, playing against Vampire, you cannot bench the entire team to protect them all.
Each position must be filled with an active, non injured player. You cannot start BYE or injured players to protect other players.

General Rules
Vampire rules are in effect through the entire season and playoffs.
Trade deadlines and FAB amounts are already set in the league.
Trades rules are already set in the league settings.