Week 2 Start / Sit

Sept 17th, 2016

by Max Corsini


Lamar Miller -  Week 1 Stats: 28 carries, 4 receptions and 117 total yards but no touchdowns. Man, that would have been crazy right? A touchdown? Too much to ask for someone who touches the ball 32 times in a single game? Who am I kidding, did it really matter? Miller is poised to be exactly who I thought he was going into the season. An unbelievable dual-threat running back who was going to have more work than he knows what to do with. After San Diego ran all over KC, there isn’t a running back I could imagine loving more to start this week. Planning on at least 20 touches for 100 yards and a touchdown wouldn’t be a crazy thing to expect, and I believe he will deliver. Don’t forget to add a reception or two, and you have a clear cut RB1 any fantasy owner should be happy to have on their team.

Tajae Sharpe - Minnesota was pretty effective in shutting down the Titans’ pass game in week one, but that didn’t stop Sharpe from hauling in 7 receptions for 76 yards. After week one I think its clear that Tajae Is the number one in Tennessee. Week two should be a much friendlier game for passing. Detroit’s defense is nothing to scoff at, but also not very impressive. What is impressive is Detroit’s offense. It is high-powered and will score fast and will force the Titans to turn to the passing game. With the ball flying, this talented receiver is set to have a big game. In week 2, Tajae looks to have the potential to be a solid low-end WR2.

Virgil Green - With DT looking like he maybe more of a decoy than a factor in this weekend’s game, I believe its Green’s time to shine. While pulling in 4 out of 5 targets in week one, Green recorded just 28 yards. That said, he was one amazing defensive play away from being 5 for 5 with a touchdown. So far the eye test is showing us… well the eye test is showing me anyway, that Green is Siemian’s safety net and first look when things start getting rough. This game could shape up to be high-scoring and Virgil projects to me to be a top ten TE in week two.

Joe Flacco - Pop quiz, who's Week 1 stats are these: 22/37, 278 yards, and 2 touchdowns?  He was the #12 QB last week. Give up? It was Carson Wentz against the Browns.  Now I’m not going to say anything bad about Wentz; I like him and I think highly of him. That being said, he did it against arguably the worst defense in the NFL. This week, Joe Flacco gets the Browns.  Flaco has the best wide receiving corps he’s had in years and is poised to open it up against Celevland. With the Ravens’ backfield being a mess and the Browns dusting off McCown’s pads, this game should be ruled by the air. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to be a pretty game, but a decent amount of points will be scored. Flacco should be a top ten QB this week.



Todd Gurley - The first-round pick and potential future hall of famer is in my sit column? Yes, unfortunately he is. Not due to any lack of skill, but because The Rams have one of the worst offensive lines I may have ever seen. 17 carries for 47 yards and one reception for -5 yards, those are numbers you would never have imagined you’d see next to Gurley. I am very confident when I say that it is not his fault, and I am sure there will be game in this season where he makes the start side if this and I have nothing but great things to say, but that day is not today. The Seahawks are not a team to be trifled with, and they will eat the Rams alive.

Mike Evans - Now this is not as much as a sit piece as it is a “temper your expectations” piece. The Cardinals’ secondary may not have been able to handle the quick ins and outs the New England threw at them all that well, but don’t be fooled; Patrick Peterson will be shadowing Evans. I don’t care what Arians says; the Cards will have their best guy on Evans. At the beginning I said to temper your expectations and that’s what I meant. I love Evans I am very high on him this year but I wouldn’t expect the WR1 numbers we are all looking for. I’m predicting more of a mid-range WR2. Not a bad start, but like I said, temper your expectations.

Vance McDonald - Pre-season hype still lingers on this tight end who was deemed to be one of Blaine Gabbert’s favorite targets. Coming off a low-scoring week one, things don’t seem to be trending up. Bringing down 2 receptions for 18 yards, his only saving grace was a touchdown. Vance faces some bad odds going up against the Panthers this week. If you grabbed him late hoping to catch some magic in a bottle, I would advise placing him on your bench for the week. Look for someone like Jesse James from Pittsburgh who may be on the wire.


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