SleeperWire is a group of harcodre fantasy football experts and champions that found freindship though their love of fantasy football..

One of our founding memmbers, Rob Cancun Jr., suffers from Chronic Lyme disease. Our mission is helping Rob get his treatments so that he will enjoy a better life.  We do all this; the podcast, free advice, researched articles, rankings and the Pro-Am Leauge for Rob, and it's all aboslutely free for you.

Our guys are multi-championship winners and give free advice!  Our advice and rankings are based on research done by our University Professor of Mathematics. No joke. It's a statistics and probabiltiy based game after all!

At Sleeperwire, we want to help you win your league.  Just tell your freinds that Sleeperwire was awesome (when the season is over - when you find something this good you can’t let others know durring the season)!  And, if you find our podcasts, rankings and advice helpful, it'd be really cool to drop a few bucks in Rob's GoFundMe and leave a positive review.

Thanks for plugging into the SleeperWire -Your Path To Fantasy Glory.